Carr Mercury owners - have you tried/liked NOS power tubes?


I have a Carr Mercury and love it. It's basically ended what was a long search for a good "Fender style" amp to use at home/small jams.
I got mine used and it came with the GT labled KT66.

I've thought about changing out the power tube for something OS. Since there's only one power tube, you don't even have to buy a pair of tubes, and this amp uses some expensive ones. Since it's a single ended amp that can be biased at home, you can save the money that would go to a tech for that job.

I'm just wondering if it's worth it. Even if you can find one, a single GEC KT66 can run over $300. On the other hand, it's not THAT much against the cost of the amp, and may last quite some time compared to current production.

Have you tried different power tubes in your Merc? Current or new? KT66, EL34, 6L6?

I'd to hear what you have found works or doesn't.

Here's mine, I've got a Celestion Blue in there.


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It's a good question. I've had my Mercury since 2006 and still have the same JJ EL34 in there ... and it still sounds fantastic. I'm very reluctant to replace that tube.


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My apologies is the JJ that came with it, but I found sticking in an EL 34 lost some clarity over the 66....swapping to a creamback made a significant bump in the rock tone as well. :aok


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I run a JJ 6L6 for the power tube. I have had a JJ el34 in but prefer the 6L6 for now. Would like to try a NOS 6L6 or the kt66 when I get some.

I like to run mine with pedals on the 8 watt setting. I have changed out the speaker to a Weber F150B, which is finally breaking in.

For preamp tubes, the current combo has been the best. RCA 12ax7 in the first position, Phillips 12at7 in the 2nd and a JJ ecc83s in the 3rd spot.

I have tried...the stock tubes it came with. In the first position have had:
Brimar 12ax7s, Amperex 12ax7s, JJecc83s and a GE 5751. The two British tubes I think had too much gain for pedals, the JJ is very dark.
To my surprise the 5751 is very nice, just like the RCA better.

The stock tubes were really nice as well. I really kinda liked the EH tube that came with and actually use it in a different amp.

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