Carr Mercury... your favorite settings?

I have a Carr Mercury coming in the mail. I know it's a fairly popular amp around here, so if you feel like sharing your favorite settings on that amp, that would be great!


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Boost on one, treble on 1:00 & Bass @ 12....Reverb @ 10....Attenuator either on 2 or 8 with volumn @ 9 to 10.... Amazing tone. Using volumn control on my strat I can go from clean to warm crunch easily. One of the best sounds I heard on an amp... You are going to be pleasantly surprised on how loud that amp is. I think you can easily gig with it. May have to mic it in bigger venues, but man oh man...It takes pedals very well. I'm right now very happy with the boost one & keeping the tone stacks in play. Using a delay pedal and an OCD for kicking it over the top. You'll have fun for sure!


Congrats, you're going to love that Merc!

What's really cool, is how versatile that amp is.....

It covers too much ground for me to claim a favorite, but I have a friend who has special setting, more on that in a minute...

The Reverb is LUSH, and it has it's own flavor of clean, which I really dig.

It has rich harmonics and is touch sensitive.

Loves my SunLion, S/coils and buckers.

As far the bark?!?!.....

Years ago when I got mine, my buddy, who happens to be a Great player, and considered a "Tone Blazer" here on TGP, Rick Holmstrom, came by to check it out.....

Well, he really dug it, in fact, he took it home for a few days. He said that it reminded him of his Valco's. (if you listen carefully now, you'll hear a stampede as every Merc in the western hemisphere is snapped up )

That's a true story......

...... And that should be enough to keep you up.... late :)

(Anybody that wants to know Ricks secret sauce settings for the "Merc Valco Magic" can PM me for my payp........

< joke> )

That was so long ago, I don't remember the exact settings, but like jefrobie suggested... boost1. With the treble rolled down 9/10, bass 2/3 is good start.

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It would be good to hear what other Mercury settings are. I've not had mine long enough to scope out much territory... Thanks


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I tend to run mine on 8 watts, no boost, reverb off, treble at 2, bass at noon, cut up, with two pedals for flavor--an analog delay and the Supatrem with both knobs at 9 o'clock. Recently I've been exploring the lower power options and reverb at 11 going straight in with HB guitars, with great results. SC's need the 8 watt setting, to my ears. The single best piece of advice I ever got about the Merc, with I've played through pretty much every day for 4 years, was from Steve Carr--a RCA blackplate as the power tube. Stunning detail! Keep us posted as to what you try and like!
the sad part is, mine's been unplayed in a long time. The happy part is, that's because I love my Swart AST so darn much :)


I'm finding a great setup to be:

Volume at 3:00
Boost setting in the Middle Postion
Cut in the up position.
P90 guitar with the volume rolled way back


For low volume cleans (this is with humbuckers):

volume - 10 o'clock
boost - off
treble - 4 o'clock
bass - 9 o'clock
reverb 10 o'clock
cut switch up
8w setting

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