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So, I heard the Carr Rambler for the first time tonight, and it is the amp/tone I have been looking for for so long! The only problem is I can't afford a real one... does anyone know where I could find the schematics for one, or someone who does custom builds of Carr models? I wouldn't need the tremelo option either.

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This isn't the cloner's board. There are cloner boards out there; but this isn't the place.
Save your bucks & buy the real deal. Chances are,a clone won't sound as
good & you will take a hit if you have to resell.


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+1 on the rambler. Save yer bucks and buy the real thing. Plus your supporting the man who gave us this work of art.Since I got mine about a month ago, my 66' DR is now safely put away in the corner for preservation! You can pick up a used one between $1450.00- $1600.00 from one of the boy's right here on TGP. Well worth it.


I agree , I don't think anything would be very close in a copy and lets face it , a lot of these so called clones of anything are usually over rated ;). Save up and keep looking , a good used one will come along .
I have a Rambler with the 15" and a 1x12 Slant 6 W/boost . Between those 2 it's all you need . Rambler takes OD or any pedals very well too BTW .


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I saw the other Rambler thread about headroom.

I put a RWB in it and it really helped if you want to dime it.
I played lapsteel last night with this art-rock stoner band.

They play LOUD, bassist with an old Sunn amp, Mesa MarkIV and a Traynor were used by the guitarists respectively. These guys tune down.

I dimed my little Rambler, Treble, Mid and Bass all on about 2. Sounded great. It was breaking up of course, but I just backed off the volume knob a bit and it cleaned right up with minimal volume loss, and the tone was still as sweet as when I play it at home at bedroom levels.

It's LOUD. I've never had issues with it getting buried. A fantastic amp.
I've seen them on Ebay from around 12-1500.00
Good luck in your search.

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