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Cartoon-y/old jazzy progressions


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I have lyrics that want sort of a Looney Tunes, old jazz type chord progression, sort of Stray Cats-ish but not a direct copy of Setzer.
Suggestions? Thanks.
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The first time I heard "Dicty Glide", the opening track on the Bug Music album by Don Byron, I assumed it was a Looney Tunes tune. Was surprised to learn it was actually a Duke Ellington piece. Of course I was but a college student at the time - barely knew a thing about jazz history or music history.

Maybe check out the album for ideas, as it was focused on 30s music by The Duke, Raymond Scott, Strayhorn, etc.'

They do a killer cover of "Powerhouse" - probably the most recognizable tune from the Looney Tunes soundtrack. Just fantastic musicianship throughout as you'd expect from Byron and his crew.

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try some raymond scott. "In 1943, Scott sold his music publishing to Warner Bros., who allowed carl stalling music director for Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies to adapt anything in the Warner music catalog. ."
heres my favorite ,one of his famous cartoon songs i reworked with a midi file i created from charts i found online for kicks during covid lockdown. my goal was to work on the f harmonic minor..

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