Carvin C1648 Vs. MixWiz


+1 on the MixWiz, have used one for several years with a splitter for on stage monitor mixes - the 6 aux sends are essential in this application.
Carvin electronics are just junk. They fall apart (quickly). When I was young and stupid I bought a bunch of their stuff. 2 yrs. later most of it was broken.[/QUOTE said:
This is not true... when I opened my 1st club in 1998, I bought a 12 channel carvin mixer with built in FX (the rack mount job similar to what they still sale).. and Carvin mains (the biggest ones they had at the time)...

I rocked those things HARD.. I mean, PUSHED THEM HARD.. week after week all the way til around 2002.

Not so much as a glitch the entire time... In fact, the issues I had with equipment were all with Peavey & Mackie Power amps..

That Carvin mixer AND the speakers are still rocking today.. no problems.

I've also had 2 Behringer Xenyx mixers... both had an issue. Behringer gets a lot of flack, but I have had zero issues out of their rack units.

I actually ordered a Carvin C1648 today.. looking forward to trying it out. It will expand my mixing capabilities a lot compared to the rack version mixer

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