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    I have a Carvin LB20 bass that I bought new in 1992. The short story is that I casually visited the Carvin store in Santa Ana CA and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse (I think it was a custom order that had been cancelled, so they needed to get rid of it quick.) I believe it's got a maple body with a thru maple neck and ebony fingerboard. I like the instrument pretty well - it's small and light and easy to play - but I don't much care for the sound of the pickups. They seem kind of toneless, with an upper-mid clanky quality that grates on me. It's been resigned to the closet for years because of that. I think I might use it more with different pickups. I also have an idea I might give it to my nephew who is a budding musician. So, my question....

    Does anyone know if Carvin pickups are standard size, that is, could I replace them with typical Fender Jazz Bass style pickups? If so, any recommendations for this instrument? I hope to hear from actual Carvin owners who have made such a switch.

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    They are standard J bass sized, just make sure to measure twice so you get the proper neck/bridge sizes. I have a 98/99 BB75 and both J pickups are the longer bridge model. I believe Carvin kept it simple and only made one size of pickup, and it's bridge width.

    Info from shows this about the 92 era basses...

    In 1990, the H50B stacked humbucking pickup was introduced. This pickup, which had the same physical dimensions as a Fender Jazz bass pickup, did not have adjustable pole piece - a first on Carvin basses. Due to it's size, it could be used on Carvin's 5-string basses, as well as the 4-string models. It was available in black only.
    Carvin introduced the LB76 6-string bass in 1992, and with it, the new H50N pickup. It was physically identical to the H50B, but the internal coils were redesigned so that it could accommodate string spacing up to 3.3" (versus 2.9" with the H50B). This pickup was also available in black only. Visually, the H50N was nearly identical to the H50B, except for the addition of the Carvin logo on the lower left corner, and the plastic cover had a little texture to it.

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