Carvin VT50 vs. Peavey Classic 50



Potentially looking at a 90's era Carvin VT50 head (the one that doesn't have the upside-down chassis). I've played the Belair before and used it as combo and as a head frequently, so I know what it's capable of and what it lacks. I intend on getting a nice D-style OD pedal and a nice high-gain distortion pedal for metal tones, so no worries with that.

Can anyone give me a pro/con breakdown of this amp versus the Peavey Classic 50? I know those Peavey's receive the occasional praise on these forums, so anybody that's had one or both please chime in.


I had the Bel-Air and currently have the VT50 head (running it with a Marshall 4x10 cab). I've only heard a classic 50 being played live a few years ago. I can't knock the tone of the Peavey, but I love the clean channel of the VT50 with a few TS style pedals. I believe the soak channel of the Carvins are really only good for dialing in a clean break-up type of OD, not for a lead channel. VT50 clean channel and some pedal experimentation will make you happy, I believe.

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