Catalinbread Octapussy vs. MXR La Machine


I'd like to hear from anyone who has 1st hand experience with these pedals and would like to hear thoughts/opinions on the sounds of each. In videos, both of these sound good to me for the fuzz/up octave sound I'm looking for.

I'm looking for something small like these that fits on my crowded pedal board that sounds killer and doesn't do any tone suck.


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There are similar, but different. The Octa is closer to an Octivia but a little smoother and more controlled. The LA is a total Foxx Tone Machine.


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I have the Octa-heh-heh, and I'm selling it. The reason is while it sounds great in videos (on strats), and admittedly has a lot of range within it's three knobs, I don't have a strat to really bring out the best the pedal has to offer (I got a Railhammer Gnary 90 in the neck). Most of the "settings" on the Octa-p are almost unusable they are so dissonant and extreme. It's got value...I want octavio to spare!

The vids for the La Machine (and the Octafuzz) seem to suggest that I can get the octave up sound more easily and more pronounced with them using my humbucker and humbucker-sized p90.

I'll get a strat-like guitar soon, but for now I'm looking at these other two pedals to replace my Octa-....


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I couldn't get rid of the La Machine fast enough. Sounded nothing like the videos and was a muddy turd at best.


I have both and prefer the Catalinbread. For me, it's more usable in a gig context. The MXR is very cool, but the octave is more shrill to my ears. The fuzz characteristics of each are quite different. The Cbread is more FF-like, while the MXR touches a little bit on the Muff side.


I have yet to try the La Machine. I just wanted to give my two cents on the Octapu$$y, which I've owned for a while. It DOES take some time to get it dialed in. However once you do, it sounds amazing. It sounds really good on its own, but I think it shines the most going into an OD pedal or a hot amp. I run mine into a DLS MKIII and the combo of those two pedals is amazing! I have a tele, a P90 Casino, and a Hollow Body with TV Jones pickups and they all work well with it. Like I said, you just need to find the sweet spot, because the three controls are very interactive.
As for the La Machine, I do like that you can turn the octave on and off. That would be nice on the Octapu$$y.

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