Cause and Effect Amp Works (Dumble Clone)?

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    Jan 25, 2011
    Anyone own or played one of their amps? Clips sound very nice. How do they compare to other D-style amps you've played? Any impressions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses.

    Kind of hard to find. Here's a link.
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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Jan 4, 2002
    prices are good...

    Now Available from Cause & Effect Amp Works

    We are now making available, in limited quantities, a new line of fully featured tube amplifiers... Engineered for high reliability, cost effectiveness and great tone! If you have detailed questions, or want to be one of the first to have an amp, please use the 'contact us' page to inquire.
    [​IMG] 'Dumble'-inspired Guitar Amplifiers


    Cause & Effect amplifiers feature:

    • Head cabinet configuration
    • 50W or 100W versions
    • 6L6GC, 6CA7, or EL34 output tube choice
    • Buffered effects loop
    • Built in DSP effects including a lush reverb algorithm
    • Designs inspired by 80's and 90's two-channel D-style circuits
    • Three Button foot switch (Overdrive, Preamp Boost & Effects Loop)
    • Matching 1X12 or 2X12 cabs equipped with WGS Veteran 30, BL80 or ET65 speakers standard also available
    [​IMG] Models

    After years of building, testing and field trialing various circuit configurations, CE Amps has distilled our product line down to three tonally excellent and distinct Dumble inspired models. (That is not to say we won't provide custom configurations and voicing on demand!)
    The '183' captures what we believe is the best in 'classic' D-style tones. It's 'Skyliner' tone stack produces shimmering clean tones and it's 80's inspired no-HRM overdrive section deliver smooth and transparent, yet aggressive lead sound. 6CA7 output tubes deliver a balanced blend of 6L6 pop and EL34 smoothness.
    Studio Musician Doron Zor, of Big Bang Studios, solos with a custom built Tele through his CE Amps '183' (built by Brian under his label 'Brax'):
    The Bluesmaster steps up it up a notch in terms of aggressiveness. It uses Dumble's 'Bluesmaster' tone stack and a 90's style Hot Rodded Marshall (HRM) overdrive section to bring us into the 'Dumble meets Marshall' sonic realm. The standard package delivers its power through EL34 output tubes.
    For a quick 'taste' of the unadulterated overdrive tone, here's a short clip by Doron Zor. This clip was made with a 50W 'Bluesmaster' version of the Cause and Effect Amp Works Overdrive Special. It is playing through our 2x12 cabinet loaded with Eminence Delta Pro 12A speakers. Doron recorded directly into the mic, with no other pedals or post processing. He's using the delay/reverb effect built in to the amplifier:

    The Lucky Peterson signature model is our take on a classic American style blues sound. While it's tone stack is inspired by a more traditional black face circuit - a departure from our more 'Dumblesque' models, the overdrive section is taken from our '183' model. Cap this off with 6L6GC output power and you have a aural marriage made in heaven.
    Lucky Peterson plays live through his signature 100W "Blackface 183" in this YouTube video:
    Also by Doron, using the same backing track from his clip above, and a custom built Strat, a sample of the 'Blackface' clean channel:

    Preliminary pricing (introductory):

    • 50W Heads starting at $1999
    • 100W Heads starting at $2149
    • 1x12 Cabinets starting at $369*
    • 2X12 Cabinets starting at $469*

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