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hey guys,
i recently got a couple of excellent cd's from some members here on tgp. the first one is simeon harris' new cd called eScape. it would appeal to fans of eivind aarset and nils petter molvaer. i have simeon's cd called "the assessment" which is also great but i think he outdid himself on this new one. the production, writing, programming and playing are all top notch and i would put simeon right up there with all of the other guys in this genre. definitely check this one out if you're interested in hearing some wonderful, guitar-based, electronica.

i also just got conor dowling's (bassomatic) random access orkestra cd. conor is playing and grooving his ass off on this one. i love the way that this one is produced- it's very funky, futuristic, and electronic but it's still raw and earthy at the same time. the tunes and arrangements are fantastic and it's definitely a cd that you have to listen to more than once to catch all of the hip stuff going on. also, our own matte henderson makes an appearance and sounds great as usual. highly recommended!

p.s. i just heard from chris taylor (sub-d) that he's mixing his new cd in L.A. as we speak. this one's also going to be a mofo!


I mentioned Basso's cd a while back. Still in my rotation, accurate review.

Will definitely get Chris's Taylor's cd, keep us posted when it comes out.

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