Cease and Desist: "Pre-Lawsuit" PRS Singlecut


Dear PRS Singlecut owners. Please CEASE and DESIST using the term "pre-lawsuit" to describe your PRS Singlecut. The following does not apply to the Singlecut Trem or Tremonti models.

PRS introduced the Singlecut in January 2000 in advance of Winter NAMM. The primary distinctive features were a 25.0" scale length, wraparound bridge with no saddles, No. 7 pickups, Kluson-style tuners, wide fat neck carve, and no neck binding. Also the wiring for the 4 control knobs had the rear pair of volume and tone knobs control the treble pickup and forward pair control the bass pickup.

Gibson sued PRS on November 6, 2000.

A court ordered PRS to stop production in July 2004.

In December 2005, PRS won a reversal in the court of appeals and production of the Singlecut resumed in 2006.

When production resumed, PRS made Singlecuts with the same specs as the 2000 models. I've owned 2 Singlecuts made in 2006. They both had a 25.0" scale length, wraparound bridges with no saddles, No. 7 pickups, Kluson-style tuners, wide fat neck carves and no neck binding. Same wiring. The only distinction is that one has the 20th Anniversary bird inlays and truss rod cover.

So unless your Singlecut was manufactured before November 2000, you do not have a "pre-lawsuit" guitar. And even if you do, it is the same specs as the "lawsuit pending" and "post-lawsuit" models made between November 2000 and July 2004 and in 2006.

In 2007, PRS started changing the design and split the core line into the SC 245 and SC 250. Next came the SC 58 and now we have the McCarty SC 594.

A "Singlecut" is a Singlecut.

Rant over.
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