FS Celestion G12-35XC - Quad 8 Ohm Speakers

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    I have up for sale a lot of Celestion speakers!!! I am aeroic on Rig-Talk, Groomed Noodlers, and eBay, with over 700 positive transactions between TGP, RT, GN, and eBay. I have plenty of references I can provide if need be.
    • QUAD of Celestion T5929 G12-35XC 12" 35-Watt 8 Ohm Guitar Speakers (BRAND NEW / UNOPENED). $425 PayPal'ed / Shipped in CONUS.
      • This was a limited run of speakers by Celestion for their 90th Anniversary, and was limited to a run of only 3000 speakers. It has only been sitting unused in my smoke free home studio and is in brand new, unused, unopened condition. Bought directly from Avatar Speakers. I am willing to break them up into 2 pairs if I need to.
    Sold Items
    • WGS Reaper HP 12" 8Ω 50-watt Replacement Guitar Speaker. $SOLD
    • PAIR of Celestion T5929 G12-35XC 12" 35-Watt 16 Ohm Guitar Speakers. $SOLD
    • Celestion T5981 G12 Neo Creamback 12" 60-Watt 8 Ohm Replacement Speaker Cream. $SOLD.
    • QUAD of Celestion Vintage 30 T4335B 60-watt 8 Ohm (Mesa/Boogie Version) Replacement Guitar Speakers. $SOLD
    • PAIR of Celestion T1220 G12M Greenback 25w 12" Guitar Speakers - 16 Ohm (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED). $SOLD
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