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Celestion G12H90 - Upgrades?


Cynical Hack
Just curious if anyone had suggestions for what to replace these speakers with. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with them. I could just use something a little more inefficient. These were louder/punchier than V30s in the same cab, so... 4-6 dB less would be fantastic. Just not sure which direction to move.

For reference, using an EL84 amp that is already chimey and bright. I'm managing to avoid ice-pick right now but I wouldn't mind getting some warmth from the speakers... Miss the 6V6/6L6 warmth.

Any suggestions?



I've used the Celestion Marshall Labelled Heritage , it doesn't have the brittle high end, but sounds good in the bottom and mids, and I think is a bit lower db level. I have one in a 2x12 with a Celestion Relic (has a bright top end) makes a good match.

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