Celestion Gold - Where Have You Been all My Life?


I ordered a 12" Celestion Gold from Avatar Speakers yesterday (single day service!) because I'm way to heavy with Vintage 30s (two 2x12s with V30s - closed back, plus a single Avatar 1x12 semi open back). I decided to make a change and ordered the single Gold for the 1x12. Popped it in and...Holy Cow!!! I've played other alnico speakers before but this one just takes the cake.

It sounds: sweet, softer, all those cliches, but just there. A high quality sound coming from the amp. I especially love the overdriven tone - I can use the second and fourth positions on the 5 way switch of my Strat with overdrive now. Prior to this with the ceramics it just didn't sound right. Total Voxy Brian May tones all over the place. I wish I had gotten one of these speakers earlier but better late than never!

Right now I'm using it with an inexpensive VHT Ultra Special 6 head - sounds fantastic and makes this inexpensive amp sound like a top shelf boutique amp. I will have to try it with the Orange TH30 head next.

Question - How do the Celestion Golds do in a closed back cabinet? Does a closed back cab muffle to much of the sweet chiminess of the speaker? Or is it better to keep them in an open/semi-open back cabinets?
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I laugh!!! because........ if you think its good now! wait till it breaks in!! seriously GOOD!

never tried closed back sorry.........


Congrats on the Celestion Gold. I'm sure it's a great speaker. I've never tried one; I've been a regular Celestion Blue user and as you may know, the Gold is a higher power version of the Blue.

To my ears, a Blue sounds best in an open-back cabinet. I am guessing that the Gold would fit the same mold. I had some V30s ('87-'90) in an AC30. They were the best substitute before the Blue was reissued ('93). To my ears, the V30s sounded a little ragged in an open-back cabinet and are better suited for a closed-back cabinet.


I like to hear a clip of your VHT i have one also, want to do a speaker change next. The ultra channel with boost really cranks when turned up!


i think they sound just fine in a closed back cab. i have them in a DR z Z best cab and while its a ported cab it still closed. The speakers are crisp and tight. i love these guys.
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