Ceriatone Centura - most accurate?


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Well It may be a good pedal but A session guy here in town had a Centura and sold it when he played my Silver Klon. So I can tell you 100% it's not dead on but that 100% does not mean it's not good pedal. Especially for the money.

No two pedals are quite identical, so while those two may not sound identical, the same Centura with a different Klon may sound closer. Maybe it’s a weaker Centura. They’re generally the same and some are probably quite close, I’d imagine.


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People that own Klons will rarely admit that any Klone would get you there. Seems to me they either buy into the hype themselves, or are protecting their investment. But in my studio, I've seen time and time again, at all volumes, it comes down to each and every pedal. I kept a Mythical Overdrive that had matched one of my best friends Gold Klons. I switched them back to back while my friend tried to guess which one was which. I did it at all settings on the Klon and he was blown away that he couldn't tell which was which. I love the condescension that Klon owners try to spout when I tell them this (my buddy WAS one of those guys). I just laugh it off. He tried every one of the ridiculous arguments like "you can only really tell when used a clean boost", or it "has to be at gig volumes". We did the test at gig volumes with my 1964 Deluxe Reverb, and a modern Victoria Regal II both set up on the edge so to say. I have no problem spending money on great vintage gear, but I would never spend the money on a KLON.

But I think that JHS say's it here more convincingly...



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I had a silver klon and centura. Albeit not at the same time. After owning several klones the Centura is the one that gets the closest. I could barely tell a difference and in a blind test I might not be able to pick which one I liked better.

*I will add that there are noticeable differences in the klones. I've A-B'd a ktr, ryra, centura, mythic overdrive (vintage specs) together and they varied quite a bit. The ryra had the best gain at zero clean boost, didn't like it when the gain knob was raised above zero. The MO (VS) was dull and lacked something all the others had. The KRT was nice and I could certainly live with one of those (minus the ridiculous enclosure), but the Centura did it all the best: clean boost, a touch of grit, output, etc. It simply was a klon and there was no mistaking once plugged in.
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A humble suggestion....

Listen to a pedal and buy or don’t buy it based on how you like or don’t like the sound. If you think it sounds good, then it is good.

I own a Centura and enjoy it but there are plenty of other solid choices previously mentioned as well but don’t get caught up in all rhetoric and the comparisons.

Not a popular opinion many would admit to around here but I believe most players wouldn’t be able to distinguish what was what if testing like 4 clones side by side against “the real thing”. Myself included.


I still can see people showing off they sold their original Klons bought directly from Bill back in the day, so my guess is that an original Klon is not THAT special and many klones would do the trick.

I mean, if your life goal has been to get that profit from a piece of gear...well, I’ll better keep it to myself.


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I've owned 3 original Centaurs. Loved them, but prices got to be too insane, so I let them go. I bought a Centura kit earlier this year. I've been tweaking and playing with it. First thing I did was measure and examine each part that was in the kit. I was 100% expecting to replace a lot of parts, thinking that I'd search out original parts. But all the parts that were in the kit were great. I have some NOS TL072 chips and Russian 1N34A germanium transistors that have the correct forward voltage on the way right now. I've examined the circuit a lot, comparing the traced and studied Klon from years ago to the kit I got. The 1n34A that were in the kit were slightly off, but I bought a bunch of them so I can measure and match them when they arrive.

The biggest thing I've found are the pots. The taper is off a bit. I wish you could find the original CTS pots. And the dual gang pot, I'd like to find one that is a little more matched than what I have. But comparing it sound wise to a real Klon, I'd put it up against the real deal. It's different in the same way that the 3 Klons I owned were different, those three were all slightly different sounding than each other.


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Most people compare two of the same pedal with the controls set the same. Unfortunately, that’s frequently not be the best way to make your choice. Variance of the pots and other component‘s values many times make them sound a little different. But you still should be able to adjust them so they sound the same and if not, just choose the one that sounds best to YOU. :aok


My experience with 2 KTRs, a Centura and a Silver Klon side by side was the Centura and KTRs were indistinguishable. The Silver Centaur had a little extra oomph in the low mids that added slightly more punch. If they weren't side by side I'd never notice. With recent prices the Silver Centaur was sold to fund a PRS McCarty.

Funny thing is the Silver Centaur was used about an hour in 12 years, it didn't work with my rig when I bought it and I didn't appreciate it until I did the shoot out with a few non-MV amps cranked.


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I've had all the popular Klones as well as 2 original Klons from 2006 when they were $329 each new. Both Klons did sound slightly different from each other. That being said, I've yet to find anything better that the Arc Effects V2. I have 3 of them and all 3 sound identical and are by far my favorite.

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