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Ceriatone joins Game of Klones (Now it's called Centura)


In order:

1. I made no reference to the pedal, actually. However, what the author of this image intends the interpretation to be (or what the original image is intended to portray) is irrelevant to what the image evokes in those who see it. If the unwanted association is there, that is an issue regardless of authorial intent and the designer can choose to act to change the image or or not. Regardless of whether the Nazi-esque association is the main issue, the graphic seems to be losing him sales. There's no responsibility on the consumer's part to change their expectations.

2. You're ignoring time and prevalence in this argument. Sure, this salute was not always associated with Nazis, but it overwhelmingly is, now, and that needs to inform the decision of anyone using that symbol or something that resembles it. There is nothing intrinsic about that symbol or any other symbol other than, maybe, a pictogram. Further, the association with American Socialism is obscure, outdated, and frankly irrelevant to current meaning. Meanings of symbols change over time and can do so extremely quickly. I highly doubt if I say the word "naughty" for example, that anyone's interpretation of that is going to be someone poor (to have naught) or that "awful" means the same thing as "awesome" or "awe-inspiring" to you. Each time any symbol is used, it is re-contextualized and this leads to unstable meaning because, not surprisingly, they have socially-assigned meanings rather than intrinsic meanings in the first place.

3. As you might gather, I also have a strong background in this field. (In fact, I am literally a Master). I don't think you were intending to be offensive, but that does not mean that you should not be careful about what you say. The author has no authority over how the reader percieves his meaning. Neither does the reader have control of their immediate reaction.
i'm confused
what are you a master of?


Any new updates on this thing yet?

I REALLY hope he sells it without the graphic. If it only comes with the graphic I'm gonna have to pass.
same. I'd rather have one just with 'KLONE' instead of the graphic and 'CENTURA' on the right hand side. I always liked plain silver ones anyway


Silver Supporting Member
I do not understand how a pedal thread can go down this way.
I see things very differently from many people. I have lived in a few countries and traveled to at least 27 countries.

Lo mas parecido a un Nazi (sin darse cuenta de lo que hace y sin un cerebro es un....)

I don't know how to translate that.

Can we just talk pedals?

By the way, cannot sleep, bad sleeping week.
Looking to travel again next month, really looking to be free....


I'm curious if the dickbutt will have a different name from Centura, or labels on the knobs. Enquiring minds want to know.

I love my KTR. I enjoy my Mythical OD and PCS Aluminum Falcon and a few others... @175$+Shipping for a nice Klone with a dickbutt, I might me in.


I own a guitar & I'm 3° from Kevin Bacon
Silver Supporting Member
as great as the dick-butt model sounds and the homage likely paid to bill's original centaur tail, i'm gonna have to go with no graphic...

just a guess though...

I'm on the list....wonder what kind of time frame we're looking at? I kind of like the graphic, but would be ok with the plain silver too.

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