Ceriatone Lead/Bass direct


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This is my initial test with "no volume" recording/playing late at night. It's my new Ceriatone Lead/Bass (I REALLY think this is a great amp, perfect Marshall pad for pedals or just by itself) and the quality of the amp (and head cab) is up there with any other amp I have owned. I'm also testing my THD hotplate set to load (no speaker output) direct into my audio interface (Echo Audiofire8) with Reaper using a cab sim from Guitar Rig 2 (that is what I happen to have on hand, but there are tons of plug in cab sims for Reaper).


If I recall this was after a few Crown and Ginger's, but you get the idea. Obviously, it sounds really sweet through a nice 2x12 cab. But I think I can use this recording setup for no volume stuff and be happy. I will do a few more with pedals and diming the volume (this is a non MV amp) into the hot plate as well. Next up will be my Valvetech Hayseed, but that really needs Celestion Blues to shine :D

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