Ceriatone Lead/Bass with Fulltone Fulldrive


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Here is another one. I'm starting to get the hang of recording tube amps direct into the hot plate a little better. This one actually has two cabs (brit 4x12's in GR2) slightly panned, one mic'd close and one far away with the distance set pretty high on the far one. There is a lot of cool tweaking you can do with GR2's cab sims for sure.
This clip is me wanking safely with the Lead channel of the Ceriatone cranked to about 8 (this would be unbelievably LOUD in the real world, but it's silent tonight ~12:001AM :). Around 1:30 I kick in the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (my only pedal so far) to add more gain, then I boost it even more at the end. I'm interested to see how my other amps fair with this technique. Lots to learn, that's for sure! recorded dry with just the slightest hint of room ambience.


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