Sold Chad underwood súper duper


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This is said to be the last underwood Strat style with the fender appointments on it. (Logo and headstock) before moving to his new one.

The aging of the finish is superb. Stunning how the shrinkage of the finish was done.

this guitar is in the same realm as fender custom shop, Nash, Burtone, and any other relic high end builder. only smiles with this one. makes you feel what a real vintage stratocaster is like with the crazy price.

BRAZILIAN Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

Aluminum anodized pickguard.

A close friend who owns an original 1958 and 1963 fender Strat told me that this neck is exactly the same neck as his 1958. Chunkier feel with fatter shoulders. Guitar's Weight is on the med to lighter side.

This is guitar has custom pickups with vintage winds / output. Budz s-style ($240 new) . Comes with HSC and trem arm.

I've had offers ever since I bought this guitar and now it's time to share the joy. I have a few other things I'm courting. Open to offers. Not in a rush to sell. Will ship with insurance and first class packing.

Asking $2350 plus Shipping. Usa $75.

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