Chain advice eventide H9 with Strymon


I've got a pretty elaborate pedal board set up with three Stroman pedals timeline Mobius and big sky and I'm going to add an H9. Currently everything runs through a one control crocodile tail and I'm maxed out on my loops everything is taken. I'm thinking about where to put the age 9 and I could run it in the same loop as the Mobius which is hooked up twice as pre-and post. The H9 is about to get an update so that it will also do pre-and post. Or I could get rid of Mobius pre-and put the age 9 in that spot and just run the H9 pre-in the Mobius post. All three strymons are running through the amps send and return currently. Or I suppose I could get rid of a dirt box which I have two fuzzes and two overdrives. Just hate to have something and not use it though. I'm already going to have to move some pedals to the inside of the board to make room on top. Any thoughts or people running the strymons and H9 together already?

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