Champ/Vibro Champ Users: Favorite 12"?


Question for any Champ/Vibro Champ users running their amps into a single 12" - what speaker do you like?


I just got a MojoTone 1x12 combo cab for mine (got it off the Emporium and it came w/ an Eminence GB128). I quickly sold it, wanting to track down something a little more vintage/American sounding and because I was worried about the mis-match. Grabbed a WGS G12C/S but am not into it. The top end is too rounded (not chimey/articulate) and the low-end seems kinda flabby. It also breaks up earlier than the GB128 I'm thinking maybe go back to a WGS Green Beret 4Ω. Also intrigued by the Jupiter 12LC, as I loved the 8" in my VC.

Any opinions or other options to check out?
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it's been a few years, but i ran a VC into a Weber 12A125A for a while. in a fit of stupidity sold them both, but that was a pretty awesome setup. i had a separate cab, really should have gotten a 1x12 combo cab like in your pic.

it's hard to go wrong with Weber, particularly if you can find one used!


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Ok, not THAT is a cool little rig.

I am a big fan of the Green Beret. I just think it is more articulate than its Celestion counterpart...

I really like the 8" Jupiter in a VC, but not sure the other sizes are as well liked as the 8".

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