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Champion 600 !!!!


My wife got me one for Santa !!!
What a cool little Amp.
Amp Volume on 12, Volume and Tone control on my Suhr Classic to adjust tone and crunch. Stock speaker not bad. It does sound better thru my 2x12 Closed back cab with G12H30 and Ceramic Silver Bell. I did change the 12AX7 with a TungSol. The Amp likes Singlecoils better than HB.
Think ZZTop's "A Fool for your stockings" Tone.
If you undestand that you will NOT be able to play with a Drumer or nail EVH, RF or Metallica tones you will love this Amp.


Supporting Member
I really love this amp with a couple NOS tubes played into a greenback loaded 2x12. Add a good overdrive pedal and it will really make this amp sing.

Serious tone for the dollar in my opinion.

I've tried to get some of my friends to buy it, but they just laugh and think its a toy or only should be used as a combo... I played it as a combo for about 10 minutes then hooked it up to my 2x12 and couldn't be more pleased.

Highest recommendation!


Exceeded my expectations of what a 5w amp with a 6" speaker could sound like.
Anyone get the new Weber AlNiCo 6" yet?
Any 6v6 recommendations?


Supporting Member
I tried out a tele thru one. I thought it sounded very nice.

running 2 of these would be fun at home :)

(and lower volume than my pro jr's)

dad gad

a jj 6v6 for sure. they handle the high voltage and prolly give ya a couple more watts out of it. I have the weber ceramic 6" and it roars and is tight and crunchy. I play in a two piece rock outfit and it keeps up with my drummer dimed out with a lpb-1 to boost it. We mic it thru the PA and it is magical.


Yeah, it sure is a great little amp. After a good break in the stock speaker actually sounds pretty good! I usually run Strat > Blackstone > AD9 > C600, so many decent full tones at tolerable volume levels.


I bought mine last summer after trying one out in a music store.
I was surprised at how it sounded like a real vintage amp!
Wasn't looking for an amp, but had to buy one.
I put some NOS tubes in mine and found an old Alnico speaker that really
makes it sound great!
This amp really likes my Pro Co RAT.

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