Changing 5-way rotary to 3-way toggle switch on PRS Custom 24. Help.

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  1. annostyle

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Springfield, MO
    Has anyone here done this, and how easy is it? I also need to know the wiring color diagram since I cant seem to find it online. Any help or info would be appreciated!
  2. rschleicher

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    Nov 16, 2011
    I haven't done it, but it is pretty straightforward, since the hole for the 5-way rotary switch is almost right for the 3-way toggle. You MIGHT have to gently ream out a small amount of material for the toggle-switch to fit in.

    Here is a link to the wiring diagram for your guitar, from the PRS web site:

    Note that there are two versions - pre-2007 and "current" (which is really only up through 2010, for the CU24, as more recent CU24's have the new-style 5-way blade switch).

    Here is the wiring for the three-way toggle:

    Besides the actual toggle switch, you need to swap out the tone pot for a push-pull pot, to get coil-splitting.

    You get everything you need, pre-wired as a drop-in, with this parts kit:

    (Of course, you are buying a vol. pot that you don't really need, but the price of this kit is reasonable enough, and it means you have less soldering to do.)

    Even though I think all of the above is pretty straightforward, I'd still send an e-mail to PRS' customer support address, to double-check that everything will work fine, and that this is indeed the proper parts kit.

    They're very good at answering questions.

    Good luck - you'll have a bit more flexibility this way, with three HB modes, and three SC modes.

    (My CU24 is a 2011, with the 5-way blade switch, so in my case the three-way toggle doesn't drop in - the slot in the wood for the blade switch isn't right. Although in theory I could put in a push-pull pot, do some clever re-wiring, and end up with even more modes!)
  3. walterw

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    Oct 16, 2006
    yeah, it's pretty straightforward; there's even a cutout recess in the cavity that will fit a typical switchcraft right-angle toggle. you will indeed have to widen the hole ever so slightly, though.

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