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Changing from 6L6s to 6V6s impedence question


Silver Supporting Member
Amp has an OT with both 4 and 8 ohm taps and switch for either fixed or cathode bias. It normally uses 2x6L6 tubes and the 4 ohm tap.

If 2x6V6 tubes are used, use the 8 ohm tap, correct?

Kyle B

Silver Supporting Member
6V6 can't handle the same voltage & power as 6L6. Is your amp designed to take 6V6???


Platinum Supporting Member
To answer your question directly...

6V6 > 4 8 16 taps become 6L6 > 2 4 8

That said, Kyle's point is a good one. Make sure you amp can be biased and the voltages adjust for 6V6's.

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