Changing humbuckers in a Les Paul -- How and what do I need?


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Hello, I going to teach myself how to change out pickups in my LP and was hoping to get some help.

-- Is there a certain list of steps to follow?
-- Any good advice?
-- Any good resources?

On a related note, what tools do I need?

-- soldering iron
-- solder
-- needle nose pliars
-- what else???




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You have the idea down perfectly.

Its not very hard once you learn how, and there arent many mistakes you can make other than burning yourself or guitar! Don't do that!

The only thing I find challenging is screwing in the screws that go into the pickup ring / metal wings on the pickup while keeping the spring on it.

Cpt. Picard

Keep in mind that while pickups aren't delicate like tubes are, take care not to bang them around, drop them on the floor, put them in the dryer, etc.

Also when screwing in/out of wood, go gently. Stripping out a wood screw in your gajillion buck AAAAAAA maple top isn't life threatening, but can be eye-watering.

Many would (will?) disagree, but without much experience with the old silver iron, I would simply snip the old pickup leads near the control cavity, and solder the new leads to those.

*flame-shield activated*

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