"Character" Pedal for Selmer T+B


Hi all. I'm currently running a Selmer T+B as a clean pedal platform. I really like the amp and the headroom, so it's a keeper. I'm using a Hotcake, SD1 and a Big Muff for varying levels of drive and loads of delay+verb for a post-rocky/ambient kind of thing.

The intro to our song here is kind of the vibe I want. http://myelinldn.bandcamp.com/

We did that with a Bassman into a 2x12. Obviously this has been compressed in the mastering etc.

For really quiet parts, I think I could do with a compressor to even out my picking while I sing. Overall, the tone at lower volumes is a touch bland, although when the hotcake is on (level high, gain pretty low) it sounds ace. I guess it's like the cleans a touch compressed, and a little "blackface" sounding for want of a better descriptor. I'm not looking to add gain or volume, just to colour the clean tone a little.

For clarity - I don't want to be turning this pedal on and off - I want it as an always-on kind of thing!

Any good suggestions? Would a comp on it's own be what I need here? I don't want to overcomplicate my situation and my board is almost full anyway.

The bottom board is mine.


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