Characters You Meet On Freelance Gigs

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    The thread on weird auditions sparked this thread: Characters you meet on freelance gigs.

    Steve, the stinking cowboy guitarist-Did a freelance fill-in with a traditional country band. The guys were talking amongst themselves saying, "Put Bob next To Steve." I found out why. Steve, the lead guitar player, dressed head to foot in stupid cowboy garb, reeked of BO so bad I almost hurled.

    Steve, the OCD guitarist-Did a freelance with a classic rock band that was between drummers. Their lead guitarist, a good looking Italian kid named Steve, was over the top OCD. He came in smelling of strong cologne, dressed from head to foot in spotless black clothing, a perfect shine on his black boots, black hair all in place, etc. He polished his black Strat and black Explorer before the first set. His Marshall amp was perfect. Not a mark on it. After the first set, he polished his Strat and his Explorer, which he hadn't touched in the first set at all. After the second set, he polished the two guitars again. I was incredulous at his behavior. At the end of the night, he polished the guitars for a third time. I'm surprised he didn't take the paint off.
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