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    I did a session a few months back for a children's charity (no I didn't take a fee!) It's an album of Beatles' covers featuring a bunch of different artists from Western Australia, although there is a track with Nuno Bettencourt on it (he's married to a Perth girl, Suze Di Marchi from the Baby Animals)
    I didn't even know it had been released until I stumbled onto it on Youtube today (and no, I wasn't looking up my name either!)

    I'm playing on Octupus' Garden

    The same video clip can be found halfway down on the myspace page, along with plenty of other stuff, please check it out

    Anyway, the gear!
    it's my es-175 which I like to record to two tracks - one direct and one with a mic aimed at the strings to get a bit more of an acoustic sound even though the strings haven't been changed for about 4 years! There was no amp involved
    Due to time and budget constraints we unfortunately all had to overdub our parts on different days to a click track. I think the drums were actually put down first, then me, then the sax player played double bass and a sax solo (electric bass was his first instrument, he dabbles in upright a bit too) and the vocals done last. I mention this because I'm on my own out front, then the click starts when the singer joins in so there's no give and take with the time feel. I recorded a few takes and they chose what they liked, if I could do it again I'd try to vary my chord stab rhythms a lot more in the intro
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