Charle Stuart Trio Live

Here is a couple tracks from the new Charles Stuart Live record that I played on.
Charles Stuart is a great drummer in the Metro Detroit area and he asked me to play with him in a very open, no holes barred electric fusion/jam/jazz project.
The premise was to massacre :D some stuff by the greats. Coltrane, Miles, Shorter, and some Hendrix thrown in too. On fretless bass is another fine Detroit musician, James Simonson.

This recording was our first gig, NO rehursal of any kind, and the first time we ever set foot on stage together. Most of the songs I have never played before, on top of which I was responsible for all head/melody lines. I got a CD from Charles with the songs he wanted to do and I listened to them and jotted down notes the afternoon of the gig.
If this sounds like I am putting up a disclaimer. IT IS!

The recording is a direct feed off the board to a CD burner, and the sound is whatever the soundman had going. He is cool and gives everybody that plays the room(Memphis Smoke) a CD after the show.
Initially, Charles was just going to use it as a promo for getting gigs, then he liked it so much he actually released it, much to my chagrin.

Gear info: Yamaha 912J Frankenstrat, Bogner Ecstacy through 1 12"EVM, Boss CE3, Dunlop wah, Lexicon verb.

I am not set up for clip posting, so they are full (quite long) versions off Charles's
Oh Yes, Tag and RichardB cannot download.:eek: :D

Peace all,
Duffy King


I'm going to download both tunes... and away we go.........:dude

I'm going out to hear a local guitarist/risk-taker whilst I download the long tunes via my 56k modem:)

When I get back...I get to hear some more of my favorite things! More power to you Duffyguitarman! Good luck with the Mel Bay thing.


Listening to the tunes now...great playing...especially A Love Supreme. Awesome job! Trippy sounds during the drum solo...what a cool trio!


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I loved it,kinda sounds like what my trio is all about!Raw live power!Wish you luck,



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Hey Duffy - The songs sound great!!!

How can we get the rest? Thx.
Thanks for the kind words folks. For anyone interested in the actual CD, Charles is suppose to be getting his website set up for online purchase. Maybe when I get my website up and running I will post some more of it.
FYI, the CD set list is:Blue Train- Trane
Jean Pierre- Miles Davis
Footprints - Shorter
Acknowlegement(A Love Supreme)- Trane
Them Changes/Gypsy Queen- Hendrix/Miles-Santana

Like I said, personally I was not really "all that" about releasing this 'cause I definatly was not in any sort of "zone". Too much going on in my head because of the circumstances. So I figured if it was going to be out there, I might as well get it over with and post something before someone hears it out there somewhere. On my personal performance meter I usually can turn in a 7-8, if I can get into that "zone" even a bit. Once in a blue moon I have felt something close to a 9. An occasional 6 makes me shrug my shoulder and say "ehh". a 5 bums me out. In my performance level book this night was a 5, maybe at times a 6, even further making the kind words here make me feel better. I must say though, I really dig the tone that was happening on the Bogner XCT, lines and solos, blue channel. (Chordal stuff was clean channel.)

Oh yeah, the only solo that I remember feeling pretty good about was Footprints and, of course, something glitched in the CD burner at that exact moment and that whole part of the song dropped out. It came back on during the bass solo, so I just did a bit of an edit job in my studio to try and make the 2 sections flow.

Thanks and Peace,

Duffy King

Woody Honkin


Terrific work with the trio.

I would like to hear a fuller mix... like the real cd....

Awesome chops, man.

nice floating comps during bass solo...


Very nice stuff Duffy!!! I am so envious of your trio! It is just the group I would want.

I especially dug A Love Supreme. Very nice motific development. Clear ideas. Well done!

No suckmeter for you bro....
Hey Scott, you and Charles Stuart have got alot in common, he has an 8 month old set of twins. I hear the stuff he says and know where your at too.:D
Thanks for no "suckmeter", either my download blocker on Tag and RichardB worked, or I made them so sick, they can't stop puking long enough to post a response.

Woody, Thanks, the CD is a bit fuller but as I said, the mix is directly off the sound board and could not do much with it. I boosted the bass as much as possible in mastering. I had my cab behind me pointing up toward me, so the soundman must not have had alot coming off the stage, 'cause the git is pretty high in the mix. Not sure when Charles is going to have his website Merch purchase ready, but will post something when it is for anyone interested.

Thanks all,

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