Sold Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl mkII


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Amazing pedal, just not using to its full capabilities and want to fund other things. Condition is excellent, with a minor chip in the paint on the bottom corner and a slightly wobbly mix knob (note: I’ve had four Warped Vinyls and three of them were like this; functions perfectly). Comes with the original Chase Bliss Audio box and literature. No Velcro.

I purchased this at a screaming deal from another member and would prefer to pass the deal on to another TGPer rather than make a few bucks on Reverb (where it's also listed). I need $235 NET after shipping and any payment fees.

Partial trades: Stomp Under Foot Deluxe models (w/ built-in boost, or octave in the case of La Scatola Nera); Boss BF-2 MIJ; Alexander F.13 Neo; Squier Jazzmaster (body or full guitar)

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