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New gear in...

We are now a Canadian dealer for Chase Bliss pedals! We have the Warped Vinyl and Wombtone available in limited quantities.

We have the new Electro Harmonix Turnip Greens (Soul Food+Holy Grail Max) plus the Clockworks Rhythm Generator/Synth and Nano Looper 360. Plus we have B9s in stock.

We are pleased to stock the new Canadian made Aleks K pedals!

The Carl Martin Purple Moon is in stock:

We carry the The Distillery from Tone Concepts:

New from Earthquaker: Afterneath, Grand Orbiter V.2 and Palisades

New from Arc Effects, the Klone V.2 with Bass Toggle, gold enclosure and oxblood knobs:
We also have Black and White enclosures in stock.

And Warehouse Guitar speakers are flying off the shelf-thank you!
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