Cheap Multi effects with audio interface?


Because we're stuck at home, I've been getting together with my band through a software called Jamulus. I have a very crude setup using spare things that never made it to ebay. I've been using my Zoom H2 recorder as an audio interface into my laptop, with my strat going into a small Blackstar Fly 3 amp, and my earbuds for monitoring. It's not ideal as I can't talk to the band while my guitar is plugged in. I'm better off with a real audio interface with at least two channels.

Instead of spending a lot of money on an audio interface, is there a small guitar multi effects unit that has both an instrument and vocal mic input and an audio interface.....also, it has to be very affordable, can be preowned, as this is just a temporary thing. I'm not really familiar with this stuff, but I'm thinking along the lines of something from Zoom, or Line 6, or something. The more basic the better.

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