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SOLD pending funds, thanks!

Heavily modified VOX wah pedal. This pedal is a hard rock players dream wah - but if you want a clean wah for funk you'll probably hate it.

This wah features;

- True Bypass - 3PDT

- Sweep Mod - Improves the EQ of the sweep, making it sound less thin and "trebly" or piercing

- Vocal Mod - Adds more vocal quality, makes it sound more like it wants to talk.

- Volume Boost Mod Did you ever notice your volume level drops slightly when you swich to the wah effect? This mod brings up the volume level of the wah effect to match the same sound level as your clean sound.

- Gain and Bass Response Mod - Adds a little gain and bass, gives it a little growl. The little bit if grit RELALY makes solos SCREAM, but caveat; NOT for those who want a wah for clean or funk.

-Midrange Mod - Increase the mids and helps smooth out the response between bass and treble.

-LED Mod - ultra clear/blue Led to clearly show it is 'ON'.

- Standard 9 volt power jack - can be powered by your pedal board's onboard power supply, or a "onespot" or other power supply. Battery option still works if you prefer that as well.

Unit does have a few scratches in the paint [shown].

Yours for $45

Comes with FREE USPS shipping!

I ship to the USA only. Questions comments or concerns? please don't hesitate to contact me.

*its sad that I have to add this in; I will NOT ship to a name and address that does not match the one that payment comes from - and doubly so when the payment account comes from another country. That reeks of fraud.*





Thanks for looking!
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