Check out my new Christmas Rocker!

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    Nov 25, 2017
    I decided 2 weeks ago to write and record a Christmas rocker in my new effort, A.C Rev. An old school RNR album will follow by year’s end.

    Go to to hear the song “Rock and Roll Santa” old-school Rocker that me and Aaron recorded these last two weeks. Aaron sings plays drums and guitar, to include the solo. I played guitar and bass. We brought in a DC area sax badass to blow sax.

    Aaron is a pro engineer so the sound quality is good. I mastered the tunebut that was easy cause he gave me a stellar mix.

    Enjoy! Buy it for a buck and tell your friends!

    I played my Hamer Newport through a Lil Dawg ChocoDawg Brown Deluxe being pushed by a Monsterpiece STUD Klone through a Red Fang speaker. Aaron played some Gretsch through a Muleskinner tweed Princeton clone.

    Bass is my Hamer Cruisebass.

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