Cheesy 80's song, nice flanger tone


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I've been appreciating flanger more and more in the last two years or so, and it's been one surprise after another when I come to realize that it was the kind of effect used in many famous songs, from different styles, that I've heard along my life.

So yesterday I was driving home listening to the radio and then a guitar strumming beautifully colored by flanger started. I knew I had heard it before in my life, but couldn't recognize what it was until the cheesy sax riff came in.

This was a relatively famous band from the 80's, but I never cared about it - except for the typical admiration you could expect from an early teenager about a cute girl with a sweet voice.

Probably I hadn't listened to this particular song for 10 years or more until yesterday - and from 1991 to a couple years ago the only example I knew when it came to flanger used with an electric guitar was The Number of The Beast.

Anyway, I really liked the rhythm guitar tone. Likewise, the guitar solo sounds great IMO.

Here is the song (I've warned you that it's cheesy!):


Here is how she looked like back in the day:


And not too long ago:


(She's over 50 nowadays and still looks gorgeous!)
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