Chernobyl 30th anniversary - April 26 1986

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Petethekiller, Apr 26, 2016.

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    I thought a thread on this might be apt.

    30 years ago today the Ukrainian reactor exploded and almost detonated into a thermal nuclear explosion that would have rendered most of Europe uninhabitable. This would have happened if radioactive lava from the whole mess had burned through the floor and come into contact with a pool of underground water. It's been posited that the explosion would have destroyed everything within a 350km radius and released 180 tons of enriched uranium into the atmosphere. Somehow it was cooled down and disaster averted by the sacrifice of many young men. 250,000 were directly involved in the clean up of which over 60,000 are now deceased.

    I recall these news images from the time. "Biorobots" ran up onto the roof in shifts of 20 to 40 seconds via helicopter drops. During this short interval, they had to grab a fragment and throw it back into the mouth of the wrecked fourth reactor. Needless to say they were heavily exposed to radiation. The father of heavyweight boxing's Klitschko brothers was one of the helicopter pilots. We owe them all a debt methinks.

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    Scary stuff for certain.
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    I worked at our local Music Plus, a record and video rental store at the time. I was not smart enough to understand all the repercussions, I just remember saying over and over, "this is bad, this is really bad."

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    Dec 5, 2011
    The pics and videos of the abandoned city of Pripyat are crazy. Everyday life just frozen in time.

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