chinese fakes vs other lower end


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From what i have read there are ton of folks that hate the chinese knock-offs. Dont get me wrong, i love America, have a bunch of American gear. But i was wondering for those who have bought the chinese fakes, how to they compare to the Squier guitars? I mean they are both in the same price range, Im looking for a project guitar and am wondering which core to buy then modify. I own an older squier back home, like the neck.
Just fishing for opinions....


most people who get them seem to think they're on par with epiphones, etc. I have no doubt they are but i'd still get the epi just because it doesn't lie about what it is.

just an opinion!


I recently bought a Chinese made SX Callisto Jr from Rondo Music for $140. It's a Les Paul Jr Special clone. I got it as a beater axe I could keep in my office and learn to mod as needed. Plus I wanted to try out P90s.

So far, I had to swap out a bad nut, tuners, and bridge - but that's it. All mahogany, perfect finish, straight neck, great fret job (no sharp edges), and the stock P90s sound surprisingly good. I may someday replace the wiring harness and pickups, but right now it works fine. $200 in, some elbow grease, a good setup and I've got a player! So much fun to play. I had a Squier in high school and the SX plays much better!


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