Chinese Tokai guitars


Only have Japanese Tokai experience but if I was going to go Chinese anything it would be a Tokai. I suspect Tokai, of all brands, would extend their standards and require quality on the better side of cheap.


ALC50 (white custom) & ALS48 (red flamed maple, 1/4" sycamore top)

I`ve shaved both guitars` sharp neck binding and fitted them with CTS pots (50s wiring).
After lots of experimenting i settled on the ALC50 with PRS SE245 pickups and on the ALS48 with Epi Alnico2 set.
Neckprofiles: ALC50 `59 rounded LP; ALS48 a fat slim taper profile. Both neckwidths are like PRS.
Both guitars weight 8 lbs.
I dig these guitars :)

Average Joe

Tried some in the store when I bought my MIJ. imho the MIC Tokais are like any other MIC guitar. Solid but unremarkable
I had a Les Paul one for a bit. Solid build, good attention to detail. It was heavy, which I dug. But the tone seemed pretty mediocre, and I think it would have benefited from a fret level. Like most Chinese guitars, to be honest.


I had whatever their 335 copy is for a few months. Had to do a bunch of work to it and never could get it to what I consider good guitar playability standards. Felt plasticized and I got into the neck binding trying to fix the sharp fret ends. Get what you pay for but if it was me I'd spend up for a used MIJ Epi, maybe an Edwards. Honestly I had one of those MIC fakes, traded for it, and it was a better guitar.


the chinese Epis are not made from mahogany, but maple or some other wood, suppose the tokai LPs would be the same case. An LP not made of mahogany is a no go for me. They made them look sort of like the real deal... from a 100 feet distance, but once you get closer you see it's like a plastic fake IPhone which is not for real use, but only for the display in the window.

Alan Dunn

I have a black Tokai ALC50S [ LP Custom].
It looks good, build / binding quality is good.
The electronics is Japanese. Pots and switches all work well
Oh, and it comes with a 5 year warranty.
However, it sits in it's case and doesn't get played because the pick ups are garbage [muddy sounding], and the bridge is garbage [ rattles / pings].

In a nutshell, they are garbage in stock form and I cannot even bring myself to sell the one I have because it is so bad.

When I get around to it I will replace it with with a Gibson LP Standard or Traditional.

In the price range of the Tokai LP's my suggestion would be to get a Classic Vibe Strat or Tele - much better guitars and available for a lot less money as well.

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