Choosing cab/speakers for silver jub...


Alright people, I have a ceriatone 2555 silver jub clone, tried it out today for the first time. I played it through a 10+ yr old jcm 900 4x12 (not sure about speakers, but probably stock)

So I'm guessing it had g12/75w celestions in it, it might have had 2 pairs of different speakers though, I'm not sure.

Anyway, the only alternatives I've thought of are ev12l's. (I hate v30's btw so don't suggest them)

I will be buying a 2x12 cab along with the speakers. I live in europe so I'm thinking of ordering from tube town. I did look at the marshall 1936 but upon reading around it seems like a pretty bad quality cab.

I really liked the sound I got, very old school marshally but still with a good bit of gain. Cleans were beautiful. They speakers might have been a bit too gritty, but I'm not sure because the grit was so un-harsh and warm...

So what do you all think of the 1936? Is it of the same build quality as a 1960 cab? What do you all think of tube town?

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