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Choralflange fix/alternative


I have a choralflange and while I like the sound it's noisy with my rig. If I have the mix or delay knob up the noise becomes very noticeable. What would be a good pedal to replace it with that has a similar sound; I use mainly the chorus side.


Senior Member
That was the original Fulltone I "wanted" to like, but I wasn't impressed with the demo of the CF, which you can take with a grain of salt. That said, I would recommend an A/DA Flanger. It does EVERYTHING that a MXR flanger can do and then tons more, including some chorus territory. The Reissues also have True Bypass.

If that doesn't grab you then I would consider an original EHX Electric Mistress, but you may be getting back into noise and other practicality issues with technology/condition of the units being as old as they are. (maybe a TB boutique clone?)

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