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Chord nomenclature question


A theory question. I should know this but I don't.

This is a typical fingering for an A major chord on guitar:

Suppose you were to add the A note, first string, fifth fret. How would you notate this chord on a chord chart?

I realize it is still an A chord (more precisely A/E), but it doesn't sound anything like the first A above. You can't just write "A" if you want the second example, especially if you have the first example also in the same song. I thought of "A add 8" but you never see that.

A/E is the "correct" but theres really no way to write a specific way to play a chord as long as you have the right notes in the chord and the right note in the bass. For example an A chord could be played like how you showed above, or (EADGBe) 577655
or 5x7655. Its kinda just up to the guitarist to decide where on the fretboard to play a chord

Turbo Gerbil

thats why staff paper, tab, and chord diagrams exist. Chord names won't cut it for all ( even most) circumstances if you need to specify the exact sequence of notes.

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