ChordCommander for Guitar is Released!

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Hi, everyone!

    ChordCommander for Guitar IS HERE AT LAST! We're
    super excited to finally show the world what we've been working

    ChordCommander is unique new guitar software application that
    can help players of any skill level play any chord progression!

    Simply type in the chord names, tell the application where to
    start on the guitar (or other stringed, fretted instrument),
    press "Find Chords", and ChordCommander will generate
    professional, easy to read chord diagrams that show you where to
    put your fingers. Most of all, ChordCommander finds chord
    voicings that make musical sense, minimizing motion between
    chords - a skill that ordinarily can take years of study and
    practice in guitar and music theory. ChordCommander can help
    you comp like the pros today!

    See ChordCommander in action here:

    ChordCommander supports both right and left-handed versions of:

    * 6-string guitar, 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar
    * 4-string bass, 5-string bass, 6-string bass, and ukulele.

    You can tune your instrument any way you want, too.
    ChordCommander makes playing chords in open tunings simple and

    Also, a huge shout out to all our fantastic
    BETA TESTERS who worked hard and provided excellent feedback. We
    listened to you, and used what you said to make ChordCommander better!
    You will be receiving your free ChordCommander license key very soon.

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