Chris Bell´s Gibson ES-330


I've been on a huge Big Star buzz last two weeks. Anybody got some more info on Chris Bell´s Gibson ES-330 which I've been told was his main guitar, although I've seen pictures of him playing Strats, Teles and a Gibson Firebird (Never actually seen a picture of him playing the 330, mysteriously)? When I hear his playing with Big Star and on his solo stuff (collected on the wonderful "I Am The Cosmos" CD) I hear P90s and Tele-twang. Chris seemed to be a Fender Amp fan. In the early days of Big Star was using a Fender Twin before changing up to bigger HiWatt amps for Live shows (Don't think they had the HiWatts around the time of the #1 Record sessions, but I'm not sure). After he quit Big Star I've read that he used a Tweed Bassman and a Fender Concert. Some of these solo stuff sounds very crunchy and overdriven tone-wise. My guess is that he still used the 330 on the solo stuff as well as some Telecaster.

Which year was Chris' 330? I know it's on loan to artists recording at Ardent Studios today. Very cool.
The 330 nowdays, played by the recent Big Star guitarist Jon Auer.

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