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Chris Whitley


Silver Supporting Member
Din of Ecstasy and Terra Incognita are my two favorite albums of Chris’s.

I watched this last night.
I just finished watching it. Thanks for posting. I could have done without the footage of the interview in the room, during the darker days of his life. I'm not sure what was gained by including it. I'm somewhat heartened by the fact that he was apparently not into heroin, which I had always suspected he was. I'm sorry to report that I don't think the film provides much insight into Chris. Maybe the people who knew him best were not included? I would have liked A LOT more footage of the interview with his girlfriend--she was the most compelling person who spoke. And I'm grateful that the guy from Sony Records wasn't a dick--he obviously wanted the best for Chris, but his needs weren't met by Chris' vision for himself. Again, Many Thanks for making that video available here on TGP!

Mark Robinson

Platinum Supporting Member
Din of Ecstasy is a startlingly original recording, real different from what he’d done. I really love that recording, I’m not always in the right frame of mind to hear it , but it’s crammed with emotion and relentless energy. Easily in my top ten, which don’t really have, but it’s magnificent.


Just watched the documentary. I’m a huge fan.

To me the masterworks are Dirt floor, Din of ecstasy and Soft dangerous shores.

But I love nearly everything he did.

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