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Cigarette smoke stinking up my amp...*ack*


Does anyone have any good way to remove cigarette smoke from an amp? I bought a used one recently and didn't realize the smell till I brought it home. The smell is almost unbearable. I have read maybe Simply Green spray or Ozium. Help!


Silver Supporting Member
Ozium, febreeze, one of those little boxes of baking soda you put in your fridge

Sean French

Set it in the direct sunlight for several hours.The hotter the better.You may need to repeat.
The ozone is a natural oder nutralizer.Chemical cleaners don't work well.


...is what I used to clean up an amp I bought off Ebay. I opened the box and the smell almost gave me cancer on the spot!:messedup

Scrubbed it down with 409, then left it outside in the sun. I did that twice, and it's fine now!


Take away the smoke smell and you take away the mojo. That's prolly not cigarette smoke you're smellin.

I kid.
There is something to be said about that statement. When I am buying an old amp, if it has cig smell, maybe a light burn mark on tolex from cig and a ring from a cocktail glass that has stained the tolex, I consider those upgrades. Usually if I see an ad for a piece of gear that says "never left my smoke free enviroment", I feel that it is non broken in, no mojo, no character piece. I want the stink. Best deluxe reverb I ever played, smelled and looked like it spent it's whole life in an old juke joint bar. Give me the STINK baby.


Gold Supporting Member
Take up smoking. Then you won't notice.
A few of the people that I know what smoke actually hate the smell of stale tobacco smoke. Strange but true.

My advice is to clean the tolex and surfaces with a damp rag and then let it air out for a while, a fan wouldn't hurt. I have an amp that still smells like smoke and I have had it a while. Maybe its time for a trip to my sun room to get warm...


Senior Member
Know what I really hate??? When there's like a speck of dust on the used gear I buy. EWWWWWWW!!!!

I usually get a white glove (new and fresh, of course), and run it all over the amp or guitar to get rid of the nastiness.

You'd be surprised how few people bother to dust in the pickup cavities or up under the transformers and tube sockets.

Gross pigs!!!!


Lavender scented clothes dryer sheets stored inside the speaker cab help, after a good airing in the sun and washing the tolex as suggested.


Know what I really hate??? When there's like a speck of dust on the used gear I buy. EWWWWWWW!!!!
there's a difference between dusty/dirty gear and something that smells like it's been used as an ashtray for 30 years. the former i don't mind.....the latter, i do. not to mention what all that tar does to things like paper speaker cones, wiring, pots, etc.

nothing's a bigger downer on "new gear day" than opening a box and having "stale ashtray" come wafting up out of it.

hell, these days i can't stand the smell of my clothes or guitars the day after a gig in a bar that allows smoking. i have to air out all my gear after gigs like that.

but maybe i should re-take up smoking and then i won't be so picky. :rolleyes:


PS--the sunlight, 409 and baking soda approach has worked for me. and i've found that if the listing/for sale ad doesn't disclose "non-smoking home" then i expect it to show up stanky.

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