Circuit identification


Just wondering if anyone with a keen eye for circuits could tell me what this build is based from. The amp was built by Doug Hoffman back in 95. It can use 6l6 or 6v6. One vol, one tone ...and a boost switch ...when engaged, the gain is controlled by the other volume control. about 30 watts with 6l6.
The amp has a lovely grind...old ZZ!


That's a classic rat's nest layout. For decades it was the audio industry standard, and this amp gets closer to the true definition of "point-to-point" wiring than the tag board layouts that came later and primarily used today.

Its sloppy appearance is considered undesirable from lead dress purists, and in truth can be a bit of a pain to service. Done properly, true point-to-point amps operate among the quietest of amps, as they can offer the shortest distances between components, where tag boards require long leads. Conversely, done improperly, the excess of tightly packed and criss-crossing components on point-to-point amps can increase noise.

Long story short, any rat's nest / true PTP layout will be very difficult to identify from a single wide shot photo.

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