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CKK Space Statioin Pro delay/reverb


Pete Thorns Sinvertek Drive N5 video 'caused' me to order one last week, but during the process i also decided to order a CKK Space Station Pro. Sinvertek and CKK is the same people (no not Soylent Green) but while the Sinvertek branded devices are more sophisticated stuff, founder and genius Wu Nan also created a line up of pedals that are more plug and play, branded CKK.

I have an H9 since 2018 and since then i've been looking for a delay to match it. I can't express how disappointed i was sending back several superb delays because i didn't think they matched the H9 the way i liked. At some moment i had given up on it, untill now. For some reason this 125 euro CKK pedal matches my rig.

I experienced several true bypass delays to be problematic due to sound or even level differences between on and off. Therefore the first thing i check on any delay pedal is setting the fx level/blend totally off and then AB between bypass and fx on. Never ever have i experienced a pedal that sounded exactly as in true bypass, but this CKK does. I was shocked, this guy cracked the code and made an active circuit sound exactly like the passive bypass sound.

Then i added the fx. What can i tell? This thing has really tasty delay, reverb, or delay and reverb. The pedal just sounds great, whether sparely used or crancked for ambient stuff. I'm not gonna use a lot of words trying to describe it, you'll have to listen for yourself!

Features? Not a lot. No tap tempo, nor all kind of digital delay emulations. Just great sound!
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