Clapton 24 Nights Tone


I have always loved Clapton's tone on the 24 Nights album. I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea... but for the sake of this thread, lets just stick with I love this! I know that he had a sizable rack setup during this period, but I don't hear a ton of grease on this tone for the below clip. Based off the video, it appears that he is using positions 2 and 4 a lot during his solos. Is this tone mainly achieved through the 25dB boost and a high gain amp? I am getting back into playing strats after being a Les Paul only guy for the last 15 years. I would love to get a tone similar to this for solos. Any insights or tone tips would be greatly appreciated.



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It's the SLO but there's also a whole rack of effects. There's quite a bit of subtle chorus on there for instance

here's the auction run down
If you read the rundown of that rig tons of it was dedicated to using a full stereo studio processing rig with the Soldano's limited EFX loop and for switching all of that stuff in endless combinations.

Per Lee Dickson, the rig was generally overkill because Clapton usually just rode his volume on one gain setting and would switch on the chorus and forget that it was on all night. Lee would bring in and out delays for heavily effected parts to replicate some recorded tone from Journeyman.


Armani suit....check.
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Fender strat with boost circuit....check
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Strat with chorus... Not much else necessary unless you're nitpicking. Gain is probably from the preamp section of the Soldano with a little mid-boost from the TBX. For all of its complexity, I agree with the previous post of how it was overkill. Clapton doesn't really rely on effects much, other than the 80's-90's chorus.


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Huge Journeyman/24 Nights era fan. I loved the SLO/EC sig mid boost tone and chased it for so long. Lots of haters from the “purist” days... but IMHO that fit the music/band Mr Clapton was playing at the time. Pretending could have only been an SLO and EC strat! (Listening to Phil Palmer do the EC parts through a Mesa is all you need for proof. LOL)

It’s pretty hard to find that sound without some sort of Soldano and boosted strat. I owned a Soldano HR50+ and got maybe 80-85% of the way there.

@big mike agrees with me! :aok