Clara ODS dumble clone or 69 twin reverb?


Hey guys. Need some advice.
I play mainly hendrix, 60s rock kind of music.
Can the clara overdrive rocket do that style well?
I figure the twin is a safe bet and I'm a lot more familiar with it, but I hear so many accolades for the dumble style I don't want to miss a great opportunity.
I'm not able to test drive the dumble...I know I know risky business!
Thanks for the help fellows.
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Here's a Hendrix-ish clip i did with a d style and uni vibe. Overdrive in clip is from amp. They do 60's tones well but they are a different animal than a stock fender and take some time to learn how to dial in. Most have great clean channels and can be used as a pedal platform.
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My friend who play Hendrix well sounds just like Hendrix on my Fuchs ODS with my valley arts strat.

I on the other hand...well not so much.

If you really like that style and play it'll sound like that on pretty much anything.

Authentically though there are lots of good ceriatone and other marshall clones.

Personally I like dumble clones because I play more like the people who are known for dumbles., dumbles, & their clones are ALL good if the right model is in the right hands. Even pedals into SS amps can kick butt.

So it's gonna be whatever works for YOU.

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