Sold CLARK Beaufort Premium w/ Celestion Blue and built in Attenuator


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Clark Amplification Beaufort Premium
Sprague Electrolytics
Jupiter Condenser Red Astron Capacitors
UK made Celestion Blue Speaker
Clark Attenuator add on
Peter Mather built cab (builds ALL of Clarks cabinets)
NOS RCA 5Y3 rectifier
NOS RCA 6V6GT power tubes

$1500 shipped via non fee payment add 3% for PayPal

This was purchased new from Michael Clark as a fully built Chassis
I then added a KILLER Peter Mather built Cabinet

It has a "Fender Deluxe" amp badge on the front now. Amp is brand new!
This is the cream of the crop for Tweed Deluxes would run you $2165 from Clark
This amp kills, its an instrument in itself.
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